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Tiger’s Milk comes to Lynwood Bridge

Pretoria, 29 September 2017 – Last night saw the saw the official launch of the latest Tiger’s Milk Restaurant & Bar. Designed in close collaboration with the amazing team at the Harbour House Group in Cape Town, Dakota was responsible for the design and implementation of this unique new addition to the Tiger’s Milk stable.

The beginning of a unique partnership

The challenge laid down by the client was that each restaurant needs to be “one-of-a-kind”. A space that assimilates the environment in which it exists, while at the same time being unmistakably Tiger’s Milk. The Lynwood Bridge location offered the perfect platform for our first foray into designing for the Brand. The restaurant straddles two floors with a triple volume central space that links the two. The shape lent itself to the development of a key design element in the form of a steel and timber spiral staircase.

Implementation and logistics

Aside from a proven track record for outstanding design, one of the key factors that attracted the Harbour House Group to Dakota Design, was our ability to deliver a turnkey solution for them in the greater Gauteng area. To find out more about our national and international turnkey design and fit-out offering, please click here.

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