Gorgeous La Parada opens at Century City

Century City, 16 August 2019 – Dakota Design is proud to present the latest La Parada Bar de Tapas recently opened at Century City. This iteration of one of Cape Town’s favourite eateries, brings a touch of distinctive Spanish flair to the business district.

The space is an odd shaped amalgamation of two existing restaurant spaces. Thus challenging us to create a single space utilising the existing central service core. The result is a unique, u-shaped space, consisting of the bar area to the one side and wrapping around to the open display kitchen on the dining area side.

The dramatic double height volume allowed us to create bold elements such as the three tall backbar arches recessed within the unique angled brick work and the mezzanine level introduced for beer keg storage.

The backbar arches are clad with smoked mirror to create depth and each arch is highlighted with the famous La Parada Bull in custom moulded acrylic.

The bar counter, finished in Gunsmoke stained oak veneer, stretches from beneath the mezzanine to the end of the backbar arches, emphasising the length of the space and translates the boldness of the vertical elements into a horizontal design language.

To emphasise the length of the bar even more, we introduced a band of terracotta patterned tiles, as a modern take to the traditional Spanish terracotta tiles.

Attention is captivated by our custom palm leaf wallpaper, which shares the double volume wall with a striking fireplace design at the end of the bar area. Opulent ochre velvet chairs are placed beside the fireplace for cosy seating.

Moving around to the display kitchen, you are introduced with the custom designed steel bulkhead with each panel framing textured stained glass in mottled green, amber, and fluted glass.

The steel work was left in its natural finish which reads well with the charcoal moulded panels to the front of the counter. Additional character was added to the bulkhead with copper pots and pans hanging from S-hooks, as well as antique store finds, such as large amber medicine bottles and brass pieces.

The perimeter of the space has large columns within the shopfront that wraps around the space and these were tiled with long green tiles in vertical to emphasise their height and finished with a collar of truly bespoke, amber tiles, unique to La Parada Century City.

Final touches of abundant greenery, in large pot plants and hanging baskets from the soffit, bring the space to life.

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